Whatever you do, do it heartily !

In Gerhard Herm's "the Phoenicians", you can read how much skilled were the inhabitants of the Levant. They were so skilled that noble Greeks - wanting to value their gifts - fake engraved them with symbols relating to Phoenicia... something like today's "made in Japan", "made in Germany" or "made in Switzerland". Another example, related by … Continue reading Whatever you do, do it heartily !

Indignez-Vous ! (!انتفضوا)

    At 93, Stephane Hessel (1917-2013) exhorts us to become outraged about the state of society. Below, we offer you English, French and Arabic excerpts of his writings...  “I want you, each and every one of you, to have a reason to be outraged. This is precious. When something outrages you, as Nazism did me, … Continue reading Indignez-Vous ! (!انتفضوا)