LGBT Rights Are Human Rights

"Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate, and hate leads to violence." Averroes (ابن رشد). What tops the list ?!          Ignorance This correlation has been confirmed throughout history and even presently through horrible tragedies, such as: slavery, racism, inquisition, deportation, colonization, genocides, religious wars, witch-hunt,  persecution of the physically and mentally disabled, and cruelty to animals, … Continue reading LGBT Rights Are Human Rights

Women’s Day, Every Day !

I once heard  a comment, about industry workers' unions, that went like: if a company treats its people fairly, involves them in its decision making processes and includes them as actors in its future vision's crafting. Then, unions are irrelevant. Thus, the mere existence of unions witnesses that gaps exist. What if we apply this logic … Continue reading Women’s Day, Every Day !

Gibran reviens !

1908, Gibran Khalil est excommunié et exilé … Il dira : "J'ai quitté les sombres sentiers de leur duplicité et ai tourné mes yeux vers la lumière où il y a le salut, la vérité et la justice. Ils m'ont exilé maintenant de leur société, pourtant je suis content. L'humanité n'exile que celui qui se révolte … Continue reading Gibran reviens !