Who are we?

We are Lebanese,  born in the middle of the Lebanese civil war and grown up during the post hostilities era. Some of us stayed, some migrated. Still, Lebanon never left our hearts … and the image that we have of it is far greater and bolder than what the current establishment was able to produce.


Triggering point?

We are looking to Lebanon from within and from afar, like many others. We look at Lebanon with the harsh eyes of freethinkers. And what do we see? We see a state of misery, injustice and suffering that saddens us to no end, but which makes our judgment even harsher, because we see no process of a true reconciliation and reform. Thus, not being able to identify ourselves with the model of Lebanon that we see, and keeping a deep conviction that things must change, our outrage at this situation is at the heart of this blog creation.

We humbly hope that this blog will be a motivational tool and an eye opener to all honest people who believe, like us, another path is possible !

Our believes and values?

We do not believe in the “tribal” concept of identity, rather in a unique Lebanese identity that recognizes diversity, while equally including all citizens.

With that said, what really matters for us, is our understanding and following the moral values. Our conscience is the prime authority for our thought and actions and we value it more than all believes and rituals. This means that Moral Theology and established models of thought are not necessarily what we approve of or comply with. Simply put, any authority, including the highest and most complex that do not agree with the universal understanding of social justice or moral questions, carry no value in our eyes.

Further, we believe religious hierarchy, imams, bishops and clergy should stay out of politics and legislation. We are not fond of self-righteous fundamentalists of any faith and we are convinced those who claim the Truth solely for themselves are seriously missing the heart of faith. Having written this, we must add that we do not take matters of faith and spiritual growth lightly, rather consider them as personal matters that significantly contribute to the crafting of a morally sound citizenship.

We are strongly disinclined towards any extremist positions and we deeply believe in the freedom of thought and of expression. Thus, we do not feel we must justify anything to anyone, specially to conservatives and fundamentalists.

Useful to note that our motivation comes from a pure passion for a country we cherish and the responsibility of ordinary citizens. We categorically affirm that we have no political, sectarian or ethnic agenda.