Our view on debate?

We believe that all matters require a calm and fact-based analysis, and that the “for” or “against” binary approach (مع أو ضد), which is imbedded in our Lebanese debating art and which colonized the public space, is an insult to the human intelligence!

Thus, rather than providing “plug & play” answers, or repeating folkloric tales and banalities, this site will share objective positions and will encourage readers to reboot their thinking process and to use different perspectives in building or challenging their own opinions.


In setting this site, we are trying to be open to old, new and controversial subjects without taboo, while avoiding stereotypes, excessive appeal to emotions and sugar coating

In some instances, the opinions shared by our web site could contradict with some other opinions. That is for us the sign of a healthy debate environment, which we encourage you to enrich via your contributions and comments, so that thought develops.