20 years ago, Kamal Naghchband fled Afghanistan’s war and immigrated to France seeking for a peaceful land where he could rebuild his life. He then married, became a loving father of three and gained his life through honest and tough work.

Last week, Kamal set a plan to take his family out to the Strasbourg Christmas market, so that they could enjoy a nice evening together, united in genuine love, in a soothing atmosphere that would gladden the hearts of his kids…

Surrounded by the greatest gift of all, Kamal was enjoying a beautiful eve, and maybe was he feeling like taking revenge over his painful youth years! Until, he discovered that the revenge he was dating was of a different kind, as he crossed the road of an angry “gangster” converted into an “amateur-terrorist” who decided to avenge his little god (who he insisted is “great”) by cowardly and randomly spreading death!

While Kamal was walking down the market street holding his kid, the mad “allah-lunatic” tapped on his shoulder calling him “Monsieur!”, then pushed the trigger of his old gun executing Kamal…

Regardless if Kamal was Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, or Atheist… Kamal was an innocent human being who lost his life because lunatics who read filthy texts, hear dumb hymns and listen to hearted preaches have decided to unleash their evil fury on earth!

Is this solely the result of social misery, no!
Is this uniquely the result of ignorance, no!
Is this exclusively the result of mental illness, no!

This is the result of methodical exposure of an entire society to a set of brainwashing immoral values which are embellished by misleading justifications, which are surrounded by a fake almighty approval and which are deceitfully inspiring incoherent correlations!

So, while strong spirits resist, weak spirits fall!

A journalist is being critical about zealous social practices… the journal is assaulted!
A cartoonist draws an “inelegant” cartoon of a prophet… embassies are set on fire!
A nameless youtuber makes fun of ISIS evil acts… the youtuber is locked up for blasphemy!
A European country takes side in a war in the Middle East… Christian villages in far-east Asia are burned down!
A philosopher voices the need for reform… he/she is accused of conspiracy with the “enemy”, his/her work is censored!
A lawyer takes an “unfaithful women” case… the lawyer and his family are threatened with death!
And the list goes on, and on and on …

Still doubting ? … listen to the below, by Dr. Adnan Ibrahim and read the French philosopher Abdennour Bidar.


Open Letter To The Muslim World!
by: Abdennour Bidar

“Dear Muslim world, I am watching you from France where so many of your children live today. I watch you with the critical eye of a philosopher nurtured since childhood by taçawwuf (Sufism) and by Western values. I see the pain and misery that you suffer, and it fills me with infinite sorrow and makes my judgement as a philosopher even harsher! Because I can see that you are in the process of creating a monster, which calls itself “Islamic State”. I see you wasting your time and losing your honour by refusing to accept that this monster was born of your indecision, your endless dithering between past and present and your inability to find your place in human civilisation. “That is not Islam!” you cry. But that is not good enough at all! Because you are hiding behind your self-defence mechanism instead of shouldering the burden of self-criticism. You are content just to voice your indignation when you could be using this historic opportunity to take a long, hard look at yourself!

But in fact, behind the metaphorical monster lurks an enormous problem: the roots of evil that are taking hold inside you. And new monsters will emerge in the future, for as long as you refuse to face up to the truth!

There are many men and women in the Muslim world who are eager to reform Islam. They know all too well that Al Qaida, AQMI and the “Islamic State” are merely the severest and most visible symptoms of an enormous body riddled with chronic diseases: the inability to establish durable democracies that recognise freedom of conscience as a moral and political right; the moral and social prison created by a dogmatic, immovable and sometimes totalitarian religion; the chronic difficulty of improving women’s lives by giving them more equality, responsibility and freedom; the inability to release politics from the stranglehold of religious authority; and the inability to respect, tolerate and acknowledge religious pluralism.

Do not delude yourself into thinking that once we have put Islamic terrorism behind us the problems in Islam will disappear just like that! Everything I have just described is too often an inherent part of mainstream, everyday Islam, which in the midst of its own pain is causing too many consciences to suffer, and of traditional Islam, which is stifling the Arab Springs and smothering the voice of the young. When are you going to have a real revolution?

This denial of the right to freedom is one of the roots of the evil inside you. This religion that rules with an iron fist is forcing whole societies to live with unbearable violence. It is imprisoning your sons and daughters behind bars of lawfulness (halal) and unlawfulness (haram), which none of them want but from which they cannot break free. It is crushing free will, controlling minds and preventing or hindering personal freedom of choice.

If you want to stop producing such monsters, you must start by completely changing the way you educate your children and by imposing universally-accepted values on every single one of your schools and every single one of your places of learning and power: freedom of conscience, democracy, tolerance and rights of citizenship for people of all backgrounds and beliefs, gender equality and women’s empowerment, and a culture of free critical reflection on religion in universities, literature and the media. When you have completed this colossal task, no more abject monsters will be able to come along and tarnish your image.

I am just a philosopher, some may say a heretic. All I want to do is to let the light shine forth again.

I believe in you, in your contribution to making the world of tomorrow a more human and more spiritual place to live in!

سلام, may peace be with you.”


*Extracts. Publication: 15/10/2014 Huffington Post Quebec (updated 9 Jan 2015)

Original full text: October 3, 2014 in the French newspaper Marianne.


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