On November of the year 1943 was the first play of the tragi-comedy titled: “An Independent Republic Called Lebanon“, at the national theatre of sectarianism, by a French producer Catroux under the heavy climate of WW2 and at the cross-road of regional powers’ repositioning.
This first play was followed by several casting sessions in 1958, 1975, 1990 and 2006 that blossomed a new team of hands-on trained actors, while the script and the public remained the same!

On May 6th, 2018, a new episode of the play called “Parliamentary Elections” was played to a very committed and fervent public. Fans firmly lined up for weeks, in front of the theatre gates, raising banners, shouting their differences and passionately debating their nailed beliefs. The play was done, and everyone celebrated the end of that “national wedding day”, which as any Lebanese wedding, costed some money (not paid by the groom, but by his generous “parents”…). All belligerents were declared victors and the astounded public, that ignored itself being the only loser, prepared cheerfully for the most torrid honeymoon!

… 6 months after that episode, and while the “Production Company” is on the edge of bankruptcy, the same public is waiting tirelessly in front of the same theater doors, raising the same banners and singing the same old hymns, for the stage producers and their same actors to reveal the third – and maybe last – episode, which from private sources we now know will be called “a 30+ government for a dummy nation“…

Until the actors agree on their roles’ split, and showtimes are released… a question remains: Can there ever be a Lebanese Republic outside that filthy theatre?






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