In Gerhard Herm’s “the Phoenicians”, you can read how much skilled were the inhabitants of the Levant. They were so skilled that noble Greeks – wanting to value their gifts – fake engraved them with symbols relating to Phoenicia… something like today’s “made in Japan”, “made in Germany” or “made in Switzerland”.

Another example, related by Josephus,  is about Hiram I the king of Tyre, who made of his city the most important Phoenician city.  Not only was he trading cedar wood and gold to build the first Jerusalem Temple, he has also sent Tyrian architects and masons who were the most skilled in the region to complete a state of the art task.

Solomon and Hiram
King Salomon and King Hiram I

So, whether in your private life, in your daily work or in visioning the future of your nation… you must know, that inside you lies ancestral greatness and talents that you  alone are the only one able to unlock. If you add to these gifts a strong dose of commitment to doing heartily everything you touch, then Success is inevitable!
Phoenicians were not mere talented craftsmen sealed to their land, enslaving their minds to despair and worn out by obedience. Rather, they  had Dignity (Link), and enough Freedom and Self-esteem to courageously go beyond their “comfort zone” sailing across the world…

Just imagine,  Tyre’ seashores on a cold and windy autumn morning, a small group of people with a goal in mind and wood slates in their bare hands, believing they can build a boat to sail the world. And imagine as well, a man on a rock by the bay, looking at them, mocking them, telling them how ridiculous their task is and trying to convince them to give up… Now that you know the next chapter of the story, where would you place yourself: on the rock or on the shores ?!

Go ahead, identify your comfort zone… get out of it, act with passion and reinvent a bold mindset that embraces the winds of dignity, excellence, change and progress !

Listen to this inspirational speech:

… Never settle for anything less than your best, and learn to accept nothing but the best!

– Gerhard Herm’s “the Phoenicians”
– Martin Luther King, “street sweeper” speech

One thought on “Whatever you do, do it heartily !

  1. I love your work. Keep going and spread positive vibes to the world so they can maybe move forward, open their inner eye and follow their dreams until they succeed.


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