At 93, Stephane Hessel (1917-2013) exhorts us to become outraged about the state of society.
Below, we offer you English, French and Arabic excerpts of his writings… 

“I want you, each and every one of you, to have a reason to be outraged. This is precious. When something outrages you, as Nazism did me, that is when you become a militant, strong and engaged. You join the movement of history, and the great current of history continues to flow only thanks to each and every one of us. History’s direction is toward more justice and more freedom.

[…]  some things in this world are unacceptable. To see this, you have only to open your eyes. I tell the young: just look, and you’ll find something. The worst possible outlook is indifference that says, “I can’t do anything about it; I’ll just get by.” Behaving like that deprives you of one of the essentials of being human: the capacity and the freedom to feel outraged. That freedom is indispensable, as is the political involvement that goes with it.

[…] we continue to call for “a true peaceful uprising against the means of mass communication that offers nothing but mass consumption as a prospect for our youth, contempt for the least powerful in society and for culture, general amnesia and the outrageous competition of all against all.”

The above is an excerpt taken from Indignez-Vous! By Stephane Hessel, it was translated from French by Damion Searls. Full Text

The vulture and the little girl
” Je vous souhaite à tous, à chacun d’entre vous, d’avoir votre motif d’indignation. C’est précieux. Quand quelque chose vous indigne comme j’ai été indigné par le nazisme, alors on devient militant, fort et engagé. On rejoint ce courant de l’histoire et le grand courant de l’histoire doit se poursuivre grâce à chacun. Et ce courant va vers plus de justice, plus de liberté.

[…] dans ce monde, il y a des choses insupportables. Pour le voir, il faut bien regarder, bien chercher. Je dis aux jeunes: cherchez un peu, vous allez trouver. La pire des attitudes est l’indifférence, dire “je n’y peux rien, je me débrouille”. En vous comportant ainsi, vous perdez l’un des composantes essentielles qui fait l’humain. Une des composantes indispensables : la faculté d’indignation et l’engagement qui en est la conséquence

[…] Aussi, appelons-nous toujours à une véritable insurrection pacifique contre les moyens de communication de masse qui ne proposent comme horizon pour notre jeunesse que la consommation de masse, le mépris des plus faibleset de la culture, l’amnésie généralisés et la compétition à outrance de tous contre tous.”

Extrait de l’oeuvre de Stéphane Hessel, Indignez-Vous!  Texte Complet


أتمنى عليكم جميعاً، على كل واحد منكم،أن يملك سبباً للغضب. إنه لأمر قيّم. عندما نغضب لسبب معيّن، كما جعلتني النازية أغضب، نصبح مقاومين أقوياء و ملتزمين. نلتحق بمسارالتاريخ وهذا الأخير بدوره يستمر بفضل كل واحد منا. إنه مسار يتجه نحو عدالة أكبر، ومزيد من الحريّة

هناك أموراً في هذا العالم تفوق الاحتمال.  كي تراها عليك أنتنظر جيداً، وأن تبحث.  أقول للشباب : ابحثوا قليلاً ،وسوف تجدون. أسوأ المواقف تتجسد في اللامبالاة.  أن نقول «ليس بيدي حيلة، أتعايش مع الأمر». بتصرفكم هكذا، أنتم تفقدون احد المكونات الأساسية التي  تصنع الإنسان. احد المكونات الضرورية: القدرة على الغضب و الالتزام الذي ينتج عنها

 أيضا، دعونا ننادي دائما بانتفاضة سلمية حقيقية ضد وسائل التواصل الجماعيّة التي لا تقدم أي أفق لشبابنا سوى الاستهلاك  الجماعي،احتقار الضعفاء و احتقار الثقافة، محو الذاكرة الجماعية والمنافسة المفرطة للجميع وضد الجميع

 .لستيفان هيسيل،ترجمه من الفرنسية  كاتب هذاالمقال  (النص)  Indignez-Vous! ما ورد أعلاه مقتطف مأخوذ من  


How can we – Lebanese citizens – become outraged, when we have substituted our genuine conscience with a counterfeit and permissive conscience ?

In a sound man, the conscience is a guard on the ramparts, a stern monitor, a sergeant in the trenches, a commander who we must heed. We’d like to take it easy, but the guard urges us to stay awake, because we don’t know the hour when the thief will come. We’d like to usher the troupe of worldly pleasures through the gates, but the monitor glares at us and pulls us up short. We’d like to wait out the battle, but the sergeant calls us to our duty.

With our corrupt conscience, we became small in soul, shameless in selectively justifying injustice, and indifferent to abuse… worse, we lost our ability to spot aberrations!

We are moved by trendy tragedies, but we remain paradoxically insensible to the administration corruption,  to the electricity and water supply shortage, to the infrastructure filth, to the political system archaism, to injustice, to the abuse of power, to food safety scandals, to waste mismanagement, to the seacoast privatization & concreting, to unemployment, to youth immigration, …

If we do not regain our genuine conscience and get outraged by every injustice surrounding us, our indifference will lead us to our perdition.



  • “Struggling Girl“, a photograph by Kevin Carter
  •  Alan Kurdi, a photograph by Nilüfer Demir 
  •  Poverty (Al-Akhbar), a photograph by Ali Garboussi


Read/Lire: Indignez-Vous !
By: Stephane Hessel


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