“I’m down here. Face down. And I have no arms, no legs. It should be impossible for me to get back up. But it’s not. You see, I will try 100 times to get up.  And if I fail 100 times… if I fail and I give up, do you think I’m ever going to get up? No. But if I fail, I try again, and again, and again, for as long as I try there is always that chance of getting up. And it’s not the end until you’ve given up”. Nick Vucijic

Nick Vucijic has no arms and no legs yet he has succeeded not only to overcome life’s daily challenges but to become a renowned motivational speaker and author giving strength & hope to millions of people across the globe.

How did he achieve all this? By failing and failing and failing…..again and again and again…..and trying again and again and again……until succeeding.

The world is filled with inspiring stories of individuals and populations who have made their way to success by perseverance and resilience. We Lebanese as individuals have also our fair share of success stories whether in the diaspora or at home.  However, the image of Lebanon as a nation in our collective consciousness still remains as that of a crippled, hopeless and failed state…..and that contradiction is striking.

“Lebanon will never change….it’s helpless to try to make a difference….the corrupt will always rule.”

Words we hear every day to justify our inertia to act when it comes to critical issues that affect our daily lives, our future and our children’s future.  

Yes, sectarianism and feudalism are major obstacles to our progress as a nation, but those are not the only reasons. People’s attitude plays an equally important role. Over time, we have developed as a society a chronic attitude of self-defeatism and inertia. We have accepted the crumbs thrown to us every day, adapted and moved on. We exchanged rationalism with wishful thinking hoping things will change every time political establishment changed.

We want change yet we give up easily at the first setback. Change is not going to happen overnight. Change begins first with a change in attitude towards failure. Change requires daring to trying something new and failing at that, then trying again another way, and another and another, one step at a time. It requires persistence.

This is a universal law and Lebanon is no exception. So let us stop making excuses, get our sleeves off and take the first step to get OUR country back, and then take another step, and another….

Call to Action: Take a new step towards change at the coming elections


Read: Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones for Success, by John C. Maxwell

Watch: Denzel Washington- Fall Forward https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cgxSL926N8

Watch: TD Jakes – Take Another Step https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLUIx0Yu4zs

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